SaaS Consultation – Due diligence, SWOT, Costing, Technical Consultation

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I will help you with the SaaS Consultation for your application, with Business Requirements, Scope of Work, SWOT, Technical Analysis, Go to market Strategy and many more. Book the 60 min consultation today and you will get the best service from me.


If you are planning to start a SaaS Application but do not have an idea from where to began and need clarifications on your doubts, so this is the right place for you. I will help helping you with the consultation which will be covering all the aspects from technical documents, project management, team management, pricing structure and lot more. You can trust me and I will provide you the best service for your SAAS Application.

Things I will do.

  • I will conduct regular meet every day with your team of developer.
  • I will make sure proper documentation and task are streamlined.
  • I will help and guide you with the technical milestones.
  • I will check the best approach and will come over a solution for doing it.
  • I will make sure things are going as per the requirements and proper timeline of the project is also maintain.
  • I will check the work of the team on daily basis and will ensure that you as a buyer have a backup copy of the work.

I can help you with your Project Management and Consultation if you like feel free to reach me.

1 review for SaaS Consultation – Due diligence, SWOT, Costing, Technical Consultation

  1. Daksh Tyagi

    Amazing seller. Really knowledgeable about SAAS systems, frontend, backend and deployment. Was supper polite, flexible and took in count the current busy schedule I had. Really great experience. Helped me a lot on the the development path and shorthand the process by months providing me with developed modules. I would highly recommend him.

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